Danish grammar made easy!

Do you find the Danish grammar rules tricky? Then RetMig can help!

RetMig helps you catch and correct linguistic errors in your texts. Not only regular spelling errors or typos, but also grammatical errors, and errors where the incorrect word exists in the dictionary but is wrong in the given context. The program distinguishes between dozens of grammatical error types and offers explanations and examples of each.

Unlike many other spell checkers, RetMig analyzes entire sentences, rather than just checking individual words against a dictionary list. This makes it possible to recognize so-called real-word errors (wrong only in context) and to more effectively rank correction suggestions, based on what makes sense in-context. Also, new compounds and names are understood and analyzed as such and not - falsely - marked as errors, even though the program has never seen them before.

  • Kan du fortælle mig, hvor jeg finde
    Verb, present tense: finder
    en forlænger ledning
    Best written as one word
  • Han løb ned af
    Confusion of 'af' and 'ad'
  • Skærmen viste et grinene
    Present participle: grinende

RetMig runs online in your browser, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs, on a variety of different platforms. All kinds of texts are handled, and you can copy-paste existing text into the program window without losing formatting information.

You get a high-quality tool based on many years of university-level research and development. Correction suggestions are very reliable and build on a deep grammatical analysis of your sentences.

Single-user subscriptions1 start at DKK 32,- (EUR 4.50) per month. For an institutional or company license, or to get a free trial period, please contact us. For teaching purposes, contact Vitec MV. There is free access for employees and students at SDU (University of Southern Denmark).

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Student (single-user license)4 225 DKK
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  1. Single-user licenses are strictly personal and may not be shared with anyone. Violations will lead to account termination.
  2. Note that this is a recurring subscription, managed and paid via PayPal.
  3. Family license may be shared within a household. Max 5 devices may be logged in to an account at any one time.
  4. Private use is for internal documents, learning, and other uses where the final result is not used in a professional/commercial context. If you use the tool at work, for publication, company mail, etc., this will fall under commercial use.
  5. Simultaneous subscriptions to more of our services (RetMig, Kommaforslag, Commatizer, Kommatroll) earn a discount, as does multi-user subscriptions.

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